1. Find out your real motivation!
  2. Make a plan. Answer to the following questions and you will know what you need: Which level of Italian do you want to reach? And how much time do you have for it? Be sincere!
  3. Be curious. Watch videos on youtube about Italy and Italian. Go in the Italian cafes and restaurants, read about Italy. Travel and ask as much as you can.
  4. Be concentrated: think each word as a world.
  5. Be constant: study a bit of Italian everyday. Just a bit.
  6. Be optimist: Optimism always helps people to become more efficient and satisfied.
  7. Don’t be afraid! Making mistakes is a natural part of learning (not only a language but everything). Mistakes are our best friends and they are only bad if you don’t learn by them.
  8. Believe in your intuition: One way to realise the significance of intuition is to consider why we as infants learned our mother tongue so seemingly easily.  Developing intuition requires us to learn to become more perceptive and to listen better to others as well as ourselves.
  9. Don’t worry: It doesn’t matter if your vocabulary is limited. It doesn’t matter if your pronunciation isn’t flawless. And it certainly doesn’t matter if your grammar isn’t perfect. The only thing that matters is that you try to speak Italian and you enjoy it!
  10. Even if you follow a course with the best teacher in the world, remember that to achieve the best results you must always be free and independent. Create your personal study plan and follow it with love.