Is it easy to learn Italian?
Yes, it is. Because it’s easy to fall in love with this language and it’s easy to remember the sound of the words, the expression of easy sentences, the gestures that accompany some questions … but can be difficult to learn a good Italian.
Most students, infact, stop at a low level: they can survive while they are travelling in Italy and they can express some points of view but not much more that that.

To improve ourselves, motivation is the most important point.
Doesn’t matter if you pay for an expensive course or if you decide to use the amount of material that you can easy find on Internet for free.
You can watch videos on youtube, for example, like this one which explains the verb “to be”- “essere” in Italian.

You can listen podcasts and read the newspapers but the secret is always one: a deep enthusiasm for learning Italian and a new culture.

You can also keep on follow our site because in the next days you will find Italian lessons for free. Or you can buy Italian book and ebooks. What you do by your self will almost certainly have more value for you. Whenever your passion is sport, music, cooking or even art, there will be someone who wants to talk about this in Italian.
Remember: any interactive contact in Italian will always be helpful.

Tomorrow here you’ll find your first Italian lesson for free.

A domani!