First thing to know: Italy is not just Rome, Florence and Venice. Take your time to choose the destinations of your journey and organize the travel with calm. Choose the region and then select the cities and the villages you would like to know. Toscana, Lombardia, Sicilia, Veneto and Lazio but you can also visit Umbria, Campania, the marvelous  Puglia or the incredible Sardegna. You can visit again cities like Florence, Rome, Venice but consider also Genova, Trieste, Ferrara, Assisi, Matera and don’t forget the small villages like Assisi, Alberobello, Gradara …

You probably visit Tuscany many times. You went to Florence, Siena and Pisa, of course, but have you heard about San Galgano, Saturnia, Populonia?

In  Italy it is very difficult to find something that you really don’t like. I think that it is the most amiable and beloved country in the world.(Colin Firth)

April, May, June, and September or October are the best months for traveling in Italy when temperatures are milder and there are fewer crowds.

March is a transitional month and the weather isn’t always the best. November is a good time for cultural pursuits in cities, but November it’s, generally, the rainy season. May is the very beginning of swimming season, but the seas would be cold. In autumn, the seas have been warmed from the summer’s heat, and you can (usually) swim until October. The lake region is very seasonal – The season doesn’t begin until mid-April.

So April, May, June and October are fantastic: Good weather, fewer tourists, and a fresh start/ends to the season.

If possible, avoid July and August; they are very, very hot, and August is really the worse month to visit Italy because of Italians holiday many shops and public services are closed. More over in August we celebrate Ferragosto that is probably the best loved holiday in Italy. Celebrated on the fifteenth of August, it honors Mary’s Assumption to Heaven, where Catholic belief says she sits beside her Son, Jesus. It is a day of great festivities with celebrations in the streets and prayers to the Virgin Mary for thanks and support. All of Italy shuts down for one week to celebrate Ferragosto. During the years, just like Christmas, the religious connotation of the holiday has been overtaken by its mundane side. For this reason in most of Italy, especially in touristic areas and locations, Ferragosto is a sort of second New Year’s Eve, with parties and celebrations on the beach.


What’s the weather like? – Che tempo fa?

Weather forecast – Previsioni del tempo

Weather – Tempo

What’s the weather like? – Che tempo fa?

The rain – La pioggia

The sun – Il sole

Clear sky – Sereno

A good day – Una bella giornata

A sunny day – Una giornata di sole

Day – Giorno/Giornata

Umbrella – Ombrello

Raincoat – Impermeabile

Boots – Stivali

Gloves – Guanti

Scarf – Sciarpa

Sun glasses – Occhiali da sole

Sun lotion – Crema solare

Hot – Caldo

Cold – Freddo

It’s hot today – Fa caldo oggi

It’s windy – Tira vento

It’s raining – Piove

It’s snowing – Nevica

Snow – Neve

Conditionated air – Aria condizionata

Fan – Ventilatore

Season – Stagione

Spring – Primavera

Summer – Estate

Autumn – Autunno

Winter – Inverno