If you visit Piedmont, in Italy’s northwest, do your best to find the time to admire these magical unique places!

In Piemonte there are 21 royal residences, belonging to the House of Savoy, which due to their uniqueness Unesco put into its heritage because they deserve to be protected. They were built according to four dominant themes – Power – Court life – Holiday resorts – Devotion.

The palaces of power are located in Turin, the regional capital, and they confirm Torino’s central role and its artistic, architectural and historic heritage in the international scenario . These are the four buildings in which the Government of the State was once practiced and are one within walking distance of the other, they are: Royal Palace, Palazzo Carignano, Palazzo Nadama and Palazzo Chiablese.

Court life took place in elegant villas with gardens and hunting lodges outside the city beautifully represented by the palace of  Venaria, Villa della regina, Valentino Castle, Castello di Moncalieri, Palazzina di caccia Stupinigi e Castello di Rivoli.

During the holiday period, as the style of the time dictated, refined residences surrounded by greenery were chosen such as the Catello Ducale di Agliè, il Castello della Mandria e il parco di Racconigi, la Tenuta Reale di Pollenzo, il Castello di Govone, il Castello di Casotto, il Castello di Cavour di Santeria, Castello di Susa.

La Basilica di Superga, symbol of the devotion of the House of  Savoy,  is the burial place of the Savoy family and overlooks the city of Turin from the hill of Superga. The Sanctuary of Oropa and the one of Vico Rorte are a bit more distant.

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