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Hello, my name is Elisabetta Vanni and I’m 45 years old and currently I’m living in Pisa – Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teacher of Italian.

Qualifications & Experience

I graduated in Foreign Language and Literature at Genova University and did my Master Itals at Venice University.

I taught Italian for several years in Spain and Turkey at the Italian Cultural Institute. I worked as Italian teacher in Pisa, Lucca and Firenze. Currently I’m leaving in Pisa where I am teaching Italian to students coming from all parts of the world.

Online I have been teaching Italian since 2011.

Teaching Approach

I use the communicative method where from the beginning the students are encouraged to express themselves in simple sentences. Learning Italian can be easy and funny when you speak about your interests.

 At the same time I teach grammar through reflection on the phrases that we have used and exercises created specifically for each individual student.

I like to give a lot of space to the students allow them the freedom to speak as much as possible as I think that the conversation has to cover most of the lesson. I think that it is very important to praise the student when he/she deserves it and to maintain a good atmosphere where the student feels encouraged to learn, and enjoys the class.

I love to keep the lesson light hearted, ecouraging the learner to be happy to practice and learn new words and expressions but also a new culture.

Next time you visit Italy you will be able to communicate in Italian.


Leo A2, Italian for beginners

Leo B1, Corso d’italiano per stranieri.

Ricette e pronomi. Esercizi d’italiano in cucina. Livello B1/B2.

Storie di campionesse e campioni. Letture per studenti di livello avanzato.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to meet you!
    Spent 12 days based in gorgeous Pisa over Christmas/New Year whilst also visiting Firenze, Lucca, and Siena before returning to Calabria.

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.


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